Learn how the music gets made

Experts from every section guide you through how musical instruments work and why we use them in the band. They will share their knowledge and insight about what makes a good musical instrument and what make a fine musician. You will learn why they do what they do and what they’ve done to be so good doing it.

The “rehearsal” class will put it all together and features lunch with Maestro Jerry Junkin. The final class takes you backstage at the Meyerson Symphony Center before our concert. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

  • Feb. 5 – The Woodwinds: From Seed to Reed (7-8:30pm)
  • Feb. 12 – The Brass: Yes, It’s Plumbing (7-8:30pm)
  • Feb. 19 – The Percussion: Made From Many Things (7-8:30pm)
  • Feb. 24 – The Rehearsal: The Assembly Line (10am)
  • Feb 27 – The Performance: Making It Work (TBA)

Tuition is $95
Classes are held at the Richardson High School band hall, 1250 W. Beltline Rd. Richardson, 75080