Dallas Winds Brass Fanfare Competition

In 2000 the Dallas Winds established a tradition of performing brass fanfares 15 minutes prior to curtain in the lobby of the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, Texas, for each of its subscription concerts. Our patrons eagerly gather in the lobby to hear these fanfares that have become an important part of the whole concert-going experience.

We encourage composers and composition students to compose or submit their unpublished fanfares for this season’s contest. All composition titles will be credited in the Dallas Winds’ printed program with the composer’s name. Seven fanfares have been selected for performance during the 2018-2019 season.


2018 Fanfare Contest Winners

Adventus – David Lovrien; COMMUTE Fanfare – Costas Dafnis; Canyon’s Edge Fanfare – Heather Ellis Koehn; Angels Fanfare – John Evans; Young Voices – Harrison J. Collins; Field Day Fanfare – Christopher Lowry; Rise Up – Brooke Pierson; Eternal Conquerors – Jackson A. Anderson

2017 Fanfare Contest Winners

Diamond Flight – Joshua Hobbs; Adventure Awaits – Christian Kolo; Fanfare, “Die Helden” – Onsby C. Rose; Forging an Icon – Tara Islas; The Eternity Gate – Kent Philip Baker; The Pure in Heart – Thomas Singletary

2016 Fanfare Contest Winners

To The Stars – Christian Kolo; You Are Cordially Invited – Michael Markowski; Ascent to the Summit – Tara Islas; A Christmas Fanfare –James Beckel, Jr.; Mach 10 – Andrew E. Lawson; Winds of Niagara – Benjamin Yeo; To Be Free – Joanne Harris; The Tannhauser Gate – Kent Philip Baker

2015 Fanfare Contest Winners

Unveiling, by Brian Sadler; Resonances, by Christian Guillen; Valiant, by Christian Kolo; October Fanfare, by Gregory Good; Fireworks, by Kevin Day; Salute! by Jeff Jordan; Déjà vu Fanfare, by Trevor Rundell

2014 Fanfare Contest Winners

Russell Powell – Fanfare for Brass; Andrew D. Herring – The Forging of Mjolnir; Joseph Turrin – Fanfare a la Carte; Chuck Mandernach – Fanfare and Interlude; Tyler S. Grant – Panoramic Fanfare; Christopher Kyle Green – Ultraplex; R. Ward Miller – Change Ringing; Mike Forbes – Commemorative Fanfare

2013 Fanfare Contest Winners

Gary Gazlay, Psalmos; Christopher Marshall, Heat Shimmer; John Michael Davis, Southern Harmony; Chuck Mandernach, Heroes; Josh Hobbs, Three Ring; Andrew D. Herring, Ad Infinitum et Ultra; Brandon Maahs, Invictus: Fanfare for Uncommon Heroes; David Nicolette, Dallas Fanfare No. 1

2012 Fanfare Contest Winners

Overdrive – Jeff Jordan; Fanfarest of the Fair – Michael Mikulka; Fanfare from the Hiawatha Line – Christopher Danforth; American Fanfare – Robert W. Gillam; Exulto – Gary Gazlay; Sir Richard’s Fanfare – Scott Pierson; Prelude to a New Beginning – Mike Forbes

2011 Fanfare Contest Winners

Steve Smith – Capilano Fanfare; Taylor A. Goodson – Fanfare For a New Beginning; Robert Bruns – Peregrine Flight; Mike Forbes – Festival Fanfare; Henry Dorn – Shadows; Ralph R. Hays –Fanfare MMX; and Daniel M. Pfannstiel – Apollonian Ascent

2010 Fanfare Contest Winners

Fanfare Antiphonal Vox Gabrieli – Jim Colonna; Foozle – Hermes Camacho; Fanfare Royale – Kevin L. Gibbs; Water Fanfare – Joseph Spaniola; Heroic Fanfare – Scott M. Copeland; Pavillons en l’ air – J. M. David; Fanfare to “Hell’s Angels” – Kevin Scott

Dallas Winds Fanfare Contest Rules

Email your submission to [email protected] by July 15, 2018. Submissions MUST include: Score and complete parts in PDF format A sound file or recording in MP3 format Your complete contact information including full name, mailing address, e-mail address and...